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Edit It For Me
Copy Editing Service
$387 USD

Do you want to have one of our copywriters review your work, tighten up ideas, or help you fill in areas of your Copywriting Workbook that you are not sure about? Get writing support with our Copy Editing services.


What We Provide

  • 1 hour of copy editing time where one of our copywriters will review your copywriting workbook that you have completed to the best of your ability
  • 1 loom video up to 10 minutes in length reviewing the recommended copy edits
  • 1 google doc with list of recommended edits 
  • We aim to have the edits completed within 5 business days from the receipt of your workbook


What You Provide

  • Completed background information questions so the copywriter has all the information they need to be able to provide their best recommendations
  • Completed (to the best of your ability) copywriting workbook
  • Prompt response time via email should the copywriter request any further information from you prior to completing their review  


Refund Policy
Due to the digital nature of the product, refunds are NOT available. 


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